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The Value of Nestlé Professional

By working with Nestlé Professional, you’ll get access to a range of solutions and our committed teams with a mission to make your business a success. Our solutions are carefully designed to suit a range of businesses and channels.



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Part of the largest food and beverage company in the world, Nestlé, we offer products from leading global and regional brands. Each product is backed by our robust quality standards, longstanding expertise, and commitment.

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Market Insights

Work with us to develop the right food and beverage solution for your specific customers by tapping into our 360° view of Canadians who shop in retail stores and dine in foodservice establishments.

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Menu Capability

From specialized beverages (coffees, juices and flavoured waters) to culinary foundations (entrées & sides, sauces & gravies, and desserts), we have the perfect solution for your entire menu. No matter the channel (such as restaurants, offices, hotels, and hospitals), we partner with operators to elevate experience, drive affinity, and increase profitability.


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