Appetizer/Small Plates Sauces/Gravies Side Dishes


  • 48 portions




3.79 litres

Trio Brown Gravy Mix 8 x 13.37 ounces

467 g

Potato, large, skin on, scrubbed and rinsed

5.90 kg

Mozzarella cheese, medium diced

2.38 kg



  1. Prepare Brown Gravy Mix according to label directions, set aside and hold warm.
  2. Using a French fry cutter or a knife, cut potatoes into a medium batonnet (1/4’’ x 1/4’’ x4’’), submerge in cool Water.
  3. Drain completely, removing all excess moisture. Fry in small batches, until just soft, approximately 5 minutes. Drain on wire rack over a sheet pan.
  4. Increase fryer temperature to 375°F.
  5. Fry in small batches, until golden brown and crispy, approximately 3-4 minutes. Drain fries on a wire rack over a sheet pan.

  6. To serve: Ladle Brown Gravy over fries and top with of mozzarella.

       Garnish with fresh parsley, rosemary or thyme if desired.