NESCAFÉ Tabletop Barista Automatic Instant Espresso Machine

NESCAFÉ Tabletop Barista helps you serve fresh coffee the way your guests like it, in the simplest way possible. It’s brewed to order, so it’s always fresh and tastes great. Our dispensing solutions will save you time, labour, and money without wasted coffee or used grounds to dispose. NESCAFÉ Tabletop Barista makes great black coffee foolproof and gives you an easy way to add a variety of popular specialty coffee drinks to your menu.

The patented NESCAFÉ Tabletop Barista Automatic Instant Espresso Machine is your total coffee solution for black and specialty coffee beverages. With this state-of-the-art dispensing system, you will have the capacity to serve lattes, cappuccinos, mochas and more at the push of a button with brewed-to-order freshness and perfect consistency from cup to cup. Our beverage options are specially designed to meet your customers’ needs, and with eight selections, your guests have a choice when they come to your establishment.

Features & Benefits

NESCAFÉ Tabletop Barista Black and Specialty Coffee at the touch of a button

Offer a variety of specialty coffee beverages at the touch of a button. No dedicated trained staff member necessary.

Consumers will be delighted with the variety of indulgent beverages offered. You choose the menu that is best for you.

Our solution is a patented dispenser that allows you to create unique beverages at the touch of a button.

NESCAFÉ Tabletop Barista offers a variety of blends and roast levels from beans around the world.





73 cm
Width43.6 cm
Depth71.7 cm
Weight41.3 kg (91 lb)
Counter Clearance

Sides 10 cm

Back 10 cm


Plumbing and Electrical 

Water Tank Capacity6.5 L  
Water LineMin 1/4inch ID
Water Pressure

Min 1 bar
Max 8 bar

Electrical Capacity*

120 V / 15 A 

208 V / 7 A


*All electrical and plumbing utilities are the customer’s responsibility. All equipment is NSF & cUL/CSA approved.



Product Format

Instant Ground Coffee & Beverage Mixes
Product Compartments5 x 4 lb
Product StorageAmbient
Selections Served8
Dispenses IntoCup
Typical Throughput100 cups/day
Delivery TimeN/A

Push Button

Digital Display

Optional Configuration

Single cup size

Multi-cup size (8,12 & 16 oz)

Hot Water OptionYes (per cup)



Our commitment to you

Our machines are reliable and easy to maintain, but when you need assistance we're there.

Nestlé Professional Beverages' commitment is to offer all customers utilizing our NESCAFÉ Alegria solutions peace of mind, service, and support. With customer satisfaction as our priority, we have created a professionally trained service network.

How we serve you:

  • Coverage throughout United States and Canada
  • Call center for troubleshooting
  • Fully trained service technicians
  • Support in machine commissioning and installation
  • Preventative and emergency service calls

For more information, please call 1-800-288-8682.