Sparkling Sangria

Enjoy this refreshing sparkling juice beverage to energize your menu. Introduce the sweet taste of spring into your menu!
  • 0:05 TIME
  • 1 Portions
  • easy



1/3C + 1tbsp Reconstituted Nestlé Vitality Lemonade


2 tbsp Reconstituted Nestlé Vitality Grape


1/2C Sparkling non alcoholic White Wine (or white wine & soda water)


Ice, Berries, apple slices and lemon wedges for garnish.




  1. Add Ice into wine glass
  2. Pour lemonade, grape juice and sparkling white wine
  3. Mix berries, apples and lemon wedges for garnish

Grab your wine glass and add ice. Pour 1/3 of the glass/pitcher wine and then equal parts Nestle Vitality Lemonade and Nestle Vitality Grape Juice leaving a bit of room for fruit. Time to garnish. Dice some apples, slice lemon wedges and put them in the glass/pitcher along with some berries. Your drink is ready to serve.