Young Barista Program

Monday, June 20, 2022

Young people are at the heart of regeneration and are our future. Falling under the Global Youth Initiative of Nestlé – the Young Batista program is our ambition to help 10 million young people around the world access economic opportunities by 2030.


Why Young Barista?

The global launch of this program supports the Nestlé Group ambition of Creating Shared Value. 

We can make more possible by: 

  • Providing free accredited education and work experience for youth
  • Expanding the Young Barista partnership network to key stakeholders in the Out-of-Home industry
  • Sharing, propagading experiences, and communicating success to nurture the Nestlé Global Youth Initiative

Creating Shared Value:

For Individuals Families:

Helping develop thriving, resilient communities  

For Our Communities: 

Enabling healthier and happier lives 

For The Planet: 

Stewarding resources for future generations  

Young Barista Goals:

For Individuals & Families: 

Preparing youth for success 

For Our Communities: 

Empowering skilled food service professionals 

For The Planet: 

Inspiring engaged and mindful baristas 


Working as a Barista:

  • With the current crisis of the service industry being understaffed, restaurant, café and bar owners are raising the standard when it comes to wages, bonuses, and general work environment.
  • Travel Opportunities for coffee competitions
  • Friendly work environment
  • Wages in Toronto range from $15-$20/hour depending on experience and knowledge


6 Modules of the Young Baristas Program:

Module 1: Welcome to the Coffee World

  • Past, present, and future of the coffee plant  
  • Coffee in OOH 
  • History of Coffee at Nestlé 

Module 2: Consumption Trends 

  • Benefits of coffee consumption 
  • Consumption preferences 

Module 3: Coffee Quality 

  • Selection and Classification of Coffee  
  • Coffee industrialization 
  • Coffee quality 

Module 4: Making Coffee

  • The importance of water in the preparation of Coffee 
  • Types of Coffee preparations 

Module 5: Coffee Value Chain 

  • How to add value in the coffee chain 
  • Sustainability programs at Nestlé 

Module 6: Entrepreneurship and employment 

  • Entrepreneurship 
  • What is the ideal Coffee Solution for your Business 
  • How to prepare to start your professional life  



Creating Shared Value Program

Educate the next generation of baristas and coffee experts
Help Youth gain/elevate employable skills
In partnership with other Nestlé youth focused initiatives

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