Making More Possible with Plant-Based Recipes

Friday, October 29, 2021

And why every foodservice operator should be making room for plant-based options on their menus.

Today’s plant-based proteins have the ability to meet current
consumer tastes, but foodservice operators need to
understand what is driving those tastes and how they’re
evolving. Over 40% of Canadians are actively trying to add
more plant-based foods into their diets3, which are compelling
enough to embrace the plant-based food movement.

Overall, 65% of consumers said they eat vegetarian or vegan dishes at least once a month, which is also
rising in consumption compared to red meat.1 Younger consumers (ages 18−34) eat plant-based meals
even more frequently than their older counterparts at home2
suggesting that the trend will continue to grow as they age and
raise the next generation of consumers. In fact, the Generation Z
and millennial cohorts are driving consumption of plant-based
proteins away from home as well.2


While the obstacles to plant-based proteins capturing a majority
market share are still quite high, 55% of Canadians nonetheless
said they believed plant-based foods will become the norm.4 This
clearly shows perceptions are changing and that the plant-based
food movement is alive and well. In response to this movement in
the out-of-home market, plant-based food requests, many
foodservice operators have creatively risen to the challenge.

Canadian operators that have stepped up their plant-based approach include:
• Canada’s Boston Pizza and their Buffalo Cauliflower as a plant-based replacement for wings.
• Montreal’s LOV and their miso gravy poutine.
• Ottawa’s Pure Kitchen and their coconut bacon.
• Vancouver’s Heirloom and their artichoke tacos.
• Calgary’s Raw Eatery and their “egg” salad with turmeric scrambled tofu.
• Halifax’s enVie and their panko crusted king oyster mushroom cutlets.
• Toronto’s Planta (the gold standard in the category according to most Canadian plant-based food
aficionados) and their watermelon maki.
Demand for plant-based food in restaurants, offices and facilities can no longer be dismissed. Learn
more to take a deeper look into the rise of plant-based proteins on menus, how Canadian’s view plantbased
foods, why this will continue and how you can capitalize on this shift.


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