For 40 years, Carla’s Pasta has been delivering delicious and authentic homemade Italian pasta flavours that consumers love. As a young girl in Italy, Carla fell in love with the art of Italian pasta, taught to her by her Nonna. She carried this love (along with a suitcase) to America where she started a family and her very own business: creating authentic Italian pastas.

Today, Carla’s Pasta continues to stay true to their Italian heritage by delivering authentic homestyle pastas and sauces, from their family kitchen to foodservice operators across North America. They offer authentic filled pastas with carefully chosen combinations of high quality Italian-inspired ingredients, dolloped between their signature laminated pasta dough.

Each pillowy morsel of ravioli, tortellini, and Sacchettini comes wrapped in Carla’s experience and passion. Whether it’s serving your customers or serving her grandkids, our pasta is made to the highest standards imaginable: Nonna’s.

Crafting delicious, flavourful dishes that truly welcome and warm the hearts of your guests.

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