Coffee-mate Coffee Enhancer Station

Meet your customers’ coffee expectations with Canada’s preferred coffee whitener. With the right amount of creaminess, Coffee-mate products enhance the coffee-drinking experience to perfect the smooth cup of coffee with a velvety texture. Providing one of the top liquid creamers in a high-volume machine focused on efficiency.

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The Coffee-mate Coffee Enhancer Station supports two 5.67 Liter bag-in-box packages (that’s 512 liquid creamers) that allow for nine months of unopened shelf life (the industry longest). Iconic Coffee-mate flavors, Original and French Vanilla are available.

Key Features

The Coffee-mate Bulk Liquid Creamer Station is a quick dispensing system ideal for high volume coffee stations. While dispensing refrigerated creamer in Original, Hazelnut, and French Vanilla flavors, other features include: 

  • Two-head quick-dispensing system is ideal for high- volume coffee stations
  • Ambient storage; 9-month shelf life before opening
  • 7-day refrigerated shelf life after opening
  • Lactose free, Kosher dairy
  • 5.67 Litre bag-in-box package = approximately 512 liquid whitener singles
  • Original and French Vanilla




73.91 cm
Width30.48 cm
Depth42.52 cm
Weight77 lbs
Counter ClearanceSides 10 cm
Back 8 cm


Plumbing & Electrical

Plumbing Requirments

Electrical Requirement*

110V / 15A


*All electrical and plumbing utilities are the customer’s responsibility. All equipment is NSF & cUL/CSA approved.


Refrigeration Temperature

Factory set at 38°F

Product Format

Coffee Enhancer Concentrate

Product Compartments2
Product StorageN/A
Selections Served2
Dispenses Intocup, server, carafe, cambro
Typical ThroughputN/A
Delivery TimeN/A



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