Tap into Cold Coffee’s explosive growth in Canada with NESCAFÉ Cold Brew. We’ve turned the complex, time-consuming process of Cold Brew preparation into a simple Hand Mix format. Now restaurants and small cafés alike can offer a premium-priced, artisan-style product with a smooth flavour profile and lack of bitterness.


We’ve turned this complex beverage into an easy-to-prepare concentrate so you can focus on delighting your customers with every cup.

Cold brew coffee commands a higher price point as a result of its artisan, small-batch reputation, and smooth flavor profile, fresh aroma, and lack of bitterness. Now with NESCAFÉ Cold Brew Coffee you can round out your coffee program and attract more customers with a consistent, efficient solution that’s ready when you are. Save time on preparation without losing quality and rich taste.

The Cup

  • Made with just coffee and water, no added preservatives or additives
  • Responsibly grown and sourced 4C-certified beans
  • Expertly crafted, steeped for more than 10 hours
  • Each smooth cup finishes with delicious, subtle chocolate flavor and no bitterness

Your Customer

  • Cold brew coffee menu penetration has grown 635% since 2011*
  • 52% of coffee drinkers said they’re interested in trying cold brew**
  • 27% of consumers aged 18-34 would consider ordering cold brew; and 19% of consumers 35+ are interested in cold brew***
  • Guests are willing to pay more for the smooth taste of artisanal coffee and the story of sustainability that comes with it****


  • Leave the brewing to us: just add water and pour over ice
  • Minimal training and preparation
  • National distribution available for U.S. and Canada
  • National merchandising and promotional support available; call your Nestlé Professional Sales Representative to explore your options

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